Friday, April 20, 2012

My test post using my Windowsphone

So,After My old iphone nearly got me killed in the woods, the CheapGeek decided it was time that i got a new phone. The camera in the iPhone had been dead fOr weeks, and while my dad was trying to help, i simply balked at the cost of a replacement iphone (the most basic iphone 4, not even 4S, was the price of a top of the line Android).

The CheapGeek got me a Windows phone, at an affordable price. I was scared to move to a new type of phone, im always the last person on the smartphone boat, so having a new phone and a completely new "type" of phone is terrifying!

Luckily, it hasnt been too bad. I love the camera (both cameras!) on this thing, and most of the apps are pretty!

And theres a full GeoCaching/Groundspeak app!

Moving from an iphone to a windowsphone, i was concerned about app support, but i just found a blogging app, Bloghub, and it supports photos! And the blog app puts my blog pix in Picassa and lets me tag my posts. That's awesome, my old iphone App didn't do that!

A cheeseburger i will be uploading to my blog....

So im pretty happy with m new phone. All i need is a Letterboxing apl and to learn to type on it, and it'll be all good!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Get back out there and letterbox - it will be years before you find another snake in the grass!!! lol

  2. I am SO EXCITED to meet you. Not only to you live in Virginia, you are a fellow letterboxes. Now, how fun is that. I need to go with a geocacher one time before I can even begin to comprehend the “sport.” Looking at your side bar, I am assuming you, too, are a knitter. OK...let me add my name to your list of flowers cause we Virginians need to stick together...remember we are all loves for living in this state.:-) Glad you like your new phone over your old iPhone. Mine does not thrill me at all but we are an Apple family and have been for 20 years so I have a G3 whatever that it. I know it does not talk to me! Will have to look and see if I have a Picasssa app for it. I have TONS of photo apps and some are to die for. If you ever want to know the listing I will send it to you. Well, Bud and I are off to go out for breakfast. genie


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