Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On the Cheap, on the money, and on the Web.

As far as most of my "IRL" friends and associates know, I'm just some crazy, nonsensical idjit you can't (or shouldn't) take seriously that works in a technical call center and claims to be a renowned Social Media enthusiast with nothing to show for it.  Well, there's not much to show off if you're:

a.  A relatively modest person.
b. Smart enough to realize that your accomplishments are outside the realm of most people's understanding of the world.

Wow, that second one kinda negates the first, doesn't it?  Sounds kinda arrogant? Not really.  Trying to explain to someone that you've got an Affiliate partner account with Youtube, or that your Craft blog had more traffic than some mainstream consumer sites doesn't do a damn bit of good when the person you're talking to only uses Youtube to look at cats or thinks "Twitter is too fast".

Honestly, what I spend my days doing involves spreading myself very thin across such a wide medium, the world wide web.  And yes, the long term goal is to eventually earn an income from it, using skillsets, hobbies, and knowledge I already have.

Whenever I have a free 30 minutes - 2 hours, I'm the Norfolk Arts and Crafts "Examiner" (Editor) for While this is a great opportunity to have an actual editor/journalist position on my resume, it's a difficult genre to write for, and I struggle every week to come up with new content.  I get paid by click for the content I contribute to the site, so every click helps!  I like to take a frugal, yet global stance on my articles, so if you're the kinda crafter looking for great tips on enjoying Arts n' Crafts on a budget, check out my recent article, "Uncommon and Affordable Places to Get Arts & Crafts Supplies".

I've also got an Etsy shop, which is in a total state of disrepair.  I've got a small selection of items for sale, mostly vintage goods, and cute hand-crafted items left over from when I had time to craft, but at the moment, I'm contemplating taking the shop into a whole new direction, geared toward Letterboxing, Geocaching, and Treasure-hunting.  What do you think?  I love Vintage, but the Vintage market is struggling these days, and it's hard to keep up when you've got a soul and can't bring yourself to marking up items to "Hipster" levels.

Check out what items I have currently listed:

While all these are just baby steps in the right direction (utilizing the web to get me where I want to be), I'm also looking at small, upstarting sites that offer an interesting perspective.

Listia is a new site where you list items "for free" that users bid on with imaginary points.  Points are used to bid and win items, and points are earned by listing items.  There's a lot of interesting stuff on there, and I've already found my niche on the site.  Listing genuine unusual stuff.  I'm currently bidding on a rare hardback book from the 1920's, and I'm currently listing several vintage knick-knacks and some geocaching gear.  There's even high end tablets and actual fine jewelry on there (though I don't have the points yet to bid and win those).  The best part is that everyone starts off with a few hundred points for free.  Ain't that great?  I wish everyone could just start off their entrance into the real world with "a few hundred", lol.  Anyways, check out what I've got on Listia through this link.

So, that's me, in a nutshell.  Or at least what I'm currently doing on the world wide web at the moment.  And like always, I'll probably be doing something else or something more tomorrow!

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