Sunday, April 22, 2012

Too Rainy to Letterbox ...

Nothing like a whole bunch of rain to ruin your weekend outside...

Soggy, soggy Lawnchairs where Bender sits with the family for morning coffee on warm days...

The various Weather agencies have been predicting terrible rain and terrible weather all weekend, to the point where Ben and I didn't go outside yesterday because they said rain and wind would suddenly rush in later in the day and ruin any outdoor adventure... Well, they were wrong, but it finally hit last night...

At least my Container Garden Squash are getting a lot of fresh rain water.

Nothing like Rain to put a wrench in your Letterboxing.  So, I stayed home, and worked on some stamps:

Seems I can find inspiration in almost anything!

This stamp is dedicated to Bender Oak.  He's the one that's the most grumpy about the Rain.  Right now, he's laying on my couch sulking.  Actually, he's laying on my crocheted doily, which is on the couch, sulking about the bad weather.

I'm gonna go on a trip later on this week.  Hopefully, I have some stamps carved in time to plant some letterboxes along the way!


  1. Yeah, your rain is here too but Scott (hubby) and I went out and did one letterbox before the rain got here. Now tonight they are talking about snow!!!! Yikes! All our snow tires are off and in storage!!!!

    I love your stamp! You are a great carver!!!

  2. I love rainy day projects! You did such a great job on this stamp! So cute :)

  3. What an incredible carving job you've done on that stamp! Wow.


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