Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wildlife and Scenic Beauty we saw while Letterboxing and Geocaching

So, I probably scared the bee-jeez-us outta everyone with my blog post from the other day, so here's some pretty stuff we actually saw while out on our little adventure.

This beautiful and tall bird spooked Bender when we walked by it's little feeding area.  It flapped it's wings and made Ben "gruff" as it flew a short distance across the water to a place it could watch us safely.  Such a huge wingspan!

Bender Oak felt that this New bridge built on the Molly Mitchell Trail at Northwest River Park was the perfect place to park his butt and get me to give him some water.  

This amazing star shaped flower was blooming all over the park....It's pretty, and such a shock of white amongst some of the places it was blooming in (rotten wood, bogs, swampy mud).... Prolly Poisonous... Hrrumphh or "gruff" and Ben would say, lol.

There's tons of beat up Bird Houses all over Munden Point Park.  This one was in extremely rough shape (as you can see the poison oak/ivy/sumac stuff growing out of it).  I wonder what's in it?

OMG, shhh! It's sleeping!  Looks like a Field Mouse!

This interesting structure used to be a Windmill that the Park would fix up during the warmer months.  Unfortunately, it's been neglected.  I guess there just ain't room for Windmills in this economy.

Bender Inspects the Windmill for structural integrity.

Ben's got thick, scruffy black fur (except for his ears, he has the SOFTEST Dog's Ears)... So he gets warm after a lot of walking.  He wouldn't pose pretty anywhere except for the cool shade of the windmill.  I bet it was kinda nice have the nice shade and the soft breeze off the coastal area of Munden Point.

So, while I did have a very difficult and crazy adventure the other day, at least we got some great pictures, and came out of it alive.

No, if you excuse me, I'm gonna go apply more Calamine Lotion on my hand and put some more ice on my knee.

Thanks for reading!


  1. You two had a wonderful walk and saw many things! My birdhouses always fill up with mice for the winter, so I have learned to take them down and store them in the barn. Bird houses are for the birds!!!!

    And speaking of birds - I LOVE Great Blue Herons! Nice pictures!!!!

    1. Awe, thanks!

      Yeah, in Virginia parks, you see A LOT of Birdhouses all over the parks, but some parks leave the houses neglected, and they get filled with other things. I heard a ranger the other day talking about a Squirrel family in an Owl box, lol.

      I really like Blue Herons too. We have Herons, Egrets, and more down here in the swampy and coastal areas. I've carved a stamp for my lanky bird friends and planted it near the first park I ever found a letterbox!


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