Monday, July 30, 2012

Putting a Pause on the Paws

Bender and I had Friday off, so we planned a big adventure. Unfortunately, things never go as planned.

Work called, so I had to go in. Luckily that didn't last too long, so I decided to pop Bender and my Japanese bicycle into the Trailblazer and head on down to the Dismal Swamp Canal trail for a quick ride with Bender.

While we were two miles deep into the Dismal Swamp Canal trail, my phone's weather alert (as well as several concerned text messages from all of Bender's fans) let us know a storm was rolling in.

It was too late.  Bender and I were trapped deep in the Dismal Swamp Canal trail, with hail, lightning,  rain, and high winds roaring in.

It was terrifying.  Two things Bender doesn't do well with: His owner under pressure, and Thunderstorms.  I tried very hard to keep my cool, but that didn't help the situation. The incoming storm was so bad, Bender lost his senses.  I've tried medications, negative reinforcement, and products similar to the Thundershirt, none have worked.  Bender just doesn't do well with Thunderstorms. I managed to get my 81 lb. dog and my awkward vintage bike the 2.0 miles back to my Trailblazer.  I tried to keep my cool, and used a lot of positive jargon to encourage Bender, but sercretly, I think a lot of what I was shouting sounded like a crazy person encouraging themself.

A few minutes before the storm started, Bender  senses the impending doom
We got out of the storm, alive, but beat up pretty bad.  Once we finally got back to our car, I realized how banged up I was, and that Bender was injured too. At which point I flipped out and lost my cool.

Bender hurt his front footpads.  One of them is scratched up a little bit, and the other is torn.  It's nothing too serious, but at the time, I drove the whole way home white-knuckled with a death grip on the steering wheel.

He's hurt one of his back foot pads in the past, when he was a puppy. Luckily, I followed the advice I found on The Daily Puppy: How to Care for a Dog's Torn Paw Pad. That advice came in handy this weekend as well.

Bender's all bandaged up, and has been a fantastic patient, according to Dr. Sock Monkey. 

 Though he does seem a little upset with me.  Since I know Ben will mess with his paws, he has to wear my knee socks the next couple of days.  I'm not sure if he's mad at me for taking him to the Dismal Swamp, or because these are obviously Christmas Knee Socks. Ben is quite the Sock Connoisseur.
Bender takes some notes on how not to be scared when crazy weather hits!

So, for now, Bender's being spoiled, because paw injuries are no joke. I want him better for our big trip in a few weeks.  He gets rawhide chews, treats, and even a slightly bigger serving of dairy in the mornings. He even gets to lay on his new blankie (in the background of the photo). Just as long as he gets better.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I'll keep you posted on Bender's foot health!


  1. Oh dear! Oh dear!!! I am so sorry this happened to you and Bender! I would have pooped my pants!! I am terrified of storms safe and snug in my home - I can't imagine being out in it!

    Praying he heals quickly...... poor honey!

    1. Awe Kathy! Thanks so much! He's doing much better now, luckily! Bender totally appreciates your concerns, so he's giving you a virtual cold nose in the armpit (that means he likes you, lol). Unfortunately, I'm not doing so well... I think I put my back out picking him up so many times. It was a bad day, and to make things worse, the first couple of days I had to pick him up and take him outside... I gotta get back to working out. Get a gym membership and tell my trainer "I need to bench press a black lab!" Lol


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