Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adding some "Spice" to LeftOvers4Dinner: Meet our new Friend!!


We've spent a few days in Western North Carolina, and had a blast hanging out with family and catching up....

It's also a complete JOY to sleep in and still know that Bender Oak is so cherished he gets a his necessary morning constitution (thanks to Grampa CheapGeek)!

Well, this weekend was ESPECIALLY Busy, despite the lazy schedule!

We went to the Sourwood Festival in downtown Black Mountain! It was a little bit of a let-down this year (according to locals).  Everyone closed up early, and there weren't nearly as many vendors interested in marketing their wares/trade/goods to people as previous years.  There was also a shortage of the festival's primary trade: Honey.  

So, a little bummed by this, we went on down to our local Black Mountain Tractor Supply....and look what we picked up:

Yeah, this little pip-squeak was pan-handling out front of the store.  Just Joking! This cute little pup is from Rusty's Legacy. Rusty's Legacy is a small, non-profit pet rescue located here in Western North Carolina. You can check them out on Facebook HERE.

Well, the CheapGeek took one look at this slightly underweight, stressed little pup and took a liking to her.  When she instantly responded to him, and interacted with him intelligently, his mind was made up!

She's a "Chi-weenie", which is supposed to be a designer mix between a Daschund and a Chihuahua. Tiny, at only a year old (we think), she barely weighs more than Bender's backpack!
And... she totally digs me.  She's full of kisses, and "Chihuahua dances" when I walk into the room.  I'm not used to it.  I'm not a small dog person, at all. I'm a big slobbery huntin' hound kinda girl....  But this lonely little girl is very charming, and has started to grow on me!
When we got her home, we got her set up with a little Bed, and some extras.  CheapGeek's brother even donated a really high-end small dog harness to her!

She's very grateful for her new toy, Ms. Sock Monkey.  Originally, she tried to take Bender Oak's Sock Monkey ("Mr. Pickles, Take II), and that just wouldn't do.

And we've been concerned about that.  Bender's needed a buddy for a while. With my new schedule, he's got one day where I'm gone for the whole day.  It's great that I get to work from home the rest of the week (thank you job-that-pays-the-bills), but I've just felt that Bender's needed a friend for a while now.

But it seems that their getting along pretty well!

I snuck in early this morning and found them cuddled together! They totally acted like nothing was happening when I came in the room, lol.  Already acting like siblings!

After their morning walk, they rushed in together and snacked on some treats on Bender Oak's bed.

We've had a little bit of trouble naming her, mostly because the more she gets acclimated to her new home, the more she opens up. We wanted to keep with the same name structure as Ben, "Bender Oak Cannon".  A first name, a tree name, and then the family name.  So far, we've decided on the first name!

It's been about two days, and she's had quite a few meals put in her belly, and a couple of nights full rest in her new little bed, and a good bath to soothe her skin. So, I present to you: Pepper!

Here's Pepper looking proper in the beautiful Black Mountain atmosphere!

I had my Canon EOS 20D with me, so I'm glad I could end this post with some great pics, lol! She's looking healthy, and great and she's fitting in just great.

She's fitting in so well, she's getting photo-bombed:

Photo-bombing Boats stares in at Pepper and Bender!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Super blog, fantastic story, and stunning photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely story! Pepper and Bender will be great pals!


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