Sunday, August 19, 2012

Make it for Monday: Terrarium Necklace for Liz!

One of my close friends is going through a major transition in her life.  Part of it includes her relocating to another area of the state (not too far) and starting a new job.  It's exciting, and frightening, at the same time. And even though some things we do to make our lives better, and the path of life takes many unexpected turns, some re-assurance every now and then is important.

I'm very proud of her, and feel that everything she's doing is ABSOLUTELY for the best.  I think part of these baby steps are going to help her GROW into an even more awesome person that i've always visualized her as being.

But at little bit of this was unexpected.  I wanted to make her something before she started her new job!

I had to think quick.  I've been a little quiet lately, because I've been working on a bunch of different projects.

A couple months ago, I was at the Dollar store, I saw these neato Ribbon Necklaces. On an impulse, i bought them, but really haven't used them too much.  Well, the other weekend, I went back, and found some "Nail Art Decoration" kits.  Oddly enough, the bottles in them are IDENTICAL to the bottles you see on those Terrarium necklaces being sold all over the place.

So, an Idea was born, lol.  Basically, Let's make a $60 Anthropologie style Terrarium necklace, using $2 worth of stuff!

First, I went and read up on some local live mosses in my area.  You should look for mosses that are very hardy and can last a long time. You can do that through a simple online search, as well as various garden and plant wikis.

Then I cleaned out the bottles.  Some of them had sequins in them, others had glitter or faux jewels.  Kinda tacky, but I held onto some of the jewels. I think I might put a single jewel in future necklaces!

Get yourself a pair of Tweezers, and a fine Crochet hook.  You'll need to use both to put your live plants into your Bottles.

Use the tweezers to place individual plants in the bottle.  You can also grab individual plants and "shake"/brush excess dirt off of them with the tweezers.  Since it's a moss, it usually doesn't need a lot of soil to keep going.  If you decide to dry out your moss and wear a preserved terrarium, the tweezers can help you pick the excess dirt off.

Use the crochet hook to position moss, rocks, and little extras to your liking!

After I've setup my terrarium necklaces the way I like them, I let them sit with the caps off overnight. Be sure to keep them away from air conditioning vents, bright lamps, or excess heat.  The necklace below had moss cultivated from fresh soil, rich in moisture.  I wanted just enough moisture in my terrarium to keep the plant alive, but not too much to start mildew and rot.

After twenty four hours, place some charms or extras inside, and close it up! You can either seal it shut, or you can put a tiny dab of E6000 on one edge. That way, you can still open it and remove a plant that isn't doing so well, or change out the charms!


I put a little "Sprout - Grow" charm in this one, because I want my friend Liz to really thrive and grow with her new future and thrive in the great things this world has to offer.

That's why this one has a little clover in it!

Add Pretty ribbon necklace, sterling wrapped glass leaf charm, and gift box! Ta-Da! Gift for your friend standing at the cross roads of a new journey! A little wish-jar terrarium to carry with them!

Thanks for reading!

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