Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pet Hurricane Survival Tips: The Sequel

So ya'll might remember my old blog, Bender Oak Gifts, where I blogged about Pet Hurricane Survival (August, 2011).  If you don't check it out HERE, it was one of the top posts for that year for my old blog, and it has a pretty concise list of items you should have on hand in the event of a major storm/natural disaster.

Well, it's 2012, and nearly November, and it looks like Hurricane Sandy is gonna be smacking some Coastal People right in the kisser (or Shoreline, whatever).

We've got two pets now, and we've prepared this time a little differently.

New things we've added to last years list:

1. Puppy Training Pads.  We know that when it comes down to it, Bender WILL NOT poopie/pee in the house.  He's just a good boy like that.  He's scared of storms, lightning, and other things, but he still braves the elements when it comes to potty time.  Unfortunately, we don't know how Pepper will fair, so we've bought some Simple Solutions Advanced Training Pads (we bought two sample size packages for a total of four).  

2. Other than their flea/tick and heartworm medications, this is the first year I've really started washing Bender's ears, and Pepper already takes some medicine.  So I'll have to pack this stuff in the event that we have to evacuate.

3. Pepper's Medical/Vet Records.  Two Dogs, Two Folders. Clearly identify each dog on the top of each folder.  It's also helpful to describe the dog, like "Bender - bigger dog with little dots above his eyes" and "Pepper - Smaller All-black dog with pointy ears, one ear flops over".

4. Smelly Treats.  Pick up some extremely aromatic treats. I mentioned treats last year, but when the storm came, Bender could care less about them.  Then I bought some super smelly (OMG they stunk) treats, and a thunderstorm happened.  The treats really helped.

5. Toys.  Get your Dog's favorite toy.  Bender's favorite toy (right now) is his little Puzzle Bone from Kyjen , no picture because it's covered in dog hair and mud.  But Pepper is extremely active, and gets bored easily, so she's got a new interesting, toy that makes a lot sounds and gives a lot of "crunch" to it.

6. Separate leashes.  Both of my dogs wear collars and their own leash (since their different sizes), but many of my friends have dogs of like sizes and use martingale leashes.  This is not a safe option. Should you get separated from your dogs, this poses a potential strangling issue, or worse. In the event that one of your animals is permanently harmed, this strands the other animal to that fallen pet until help arrives.

Remember ALL OF THIS needs to fit into a Grab and Go bag in the event you need to evacuate, so don't pack all of your favorite sweaters for your chihuahua or a fancy pet bed.  A comforter and some towels will work.  I'm using Gallon size bags for the medicine, medical records, and food/treats, and then storing all of that in one of those XXL 5 Gallon Storage Bags that Ziploc (Google Affiliate Ad) came out with for Clothing storage.

So, I hope everyone thought this was useful.  For now, we're gonna just sit and watch the weather, and be prepared!

Thanks for reading!

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