Friday, October 12, 2012

Make a cute Pet Hoodie from Upcycled Baby Clothes!

Pepper Willow is my first "tiny dog" I've ever owned, and I'm learning new things all the time about the world of "Pocket Dogs" (I know, some people call them Purse Pets, but I like 'Pocket Dogs').

It's been averaging 54-69 degrees this week, and she's been shivering! Seriously! She's cold, and when she shivers, it looks so pathetic and sad (and a little silly, but don't tell her I said that).

I've got two pet sweaters from when we first got her, but one of the sweaters is already too small.  I'm proud to say it's too small because she's gained some weight with us, a whole 1.3 lbs!  Of course, I would be horrified if all MY clothes stopped fitting if I gained 1.3 lbs (Fairly sure my favorite cheeseburger is 1.3 lbs).

Anyhow, I wanted to make sure Pepper stays warm this Fall and Winter, but I don't have the cash to whip out for $8-10 (or more) sweaters from the store.  If you think about it, Pet sweaters are as bad as kid clothes.  You put them on the kid/pet/whatever, then the kid/pet/whatever goes outside, gets rained on, plays in the mud, or worse, Pees/poops/both in the sweater.  It's like every trip outside results in a possible change of clothes!

So, i went to my favorite place, the Thrift shop, and got creative!

And here's the result!


The above two pics aren't the best, but I wanted to give you guys a shot of all angles.  As you can see on the right, Pepper is a little confused about leaving the "Photo Studio"! But some minor adjustments to this little thrift shop hoodie and it fits well, and snuggly!

Here's my favorite shots!


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