Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Trip to First Landing State Park!

We took a trip to First Landing State Park the other day, and had a blast!

We kinda left the house a little late, and didn't get to see everything at the park, but that just means we'll have to go back.

I've been to the park before, when I was a little kid, but I guess I had forgotten how large the park really is!  We wanted to see some of the interesting Wildlife out in this park.

really cool observation deck on the Bald Cypress Trail

This park is known for some interesting birds, reptiles, and while we were there, we smelled a skunk several times.

We we're looking in every direction for something to "shoot" with our new camera, lol

But all we saw was a Hornet's nest and a Frog!


So we decided to enjoy some of the educational resources offered at the park.

First up, Pepper in a Boat!

(you have no idea how long it took to get Pepper to pose for these three photos! she was being so difficult!) 

 First Landing State Park has several educational displays setup near the Trail Center. Many of these display focus on the Native Americans that originally populated this area of Virginia.  I remember seeing some of these as a kid.  I was so glad that Bender enjoyed the Wigwams, they were my favorite too!


Pepper refused to pose by the Wigwams.  I tried to get her to pose by the little Wigwam....

Pepper, get over here!!!
Scratch, scratch scratch!

I checked out an area of the park I had not visited before.  In 1997, Chesapeake Indians were re-interred at First Landing State Park after being discovered in a nearby area undergoing Bridge construction. First Landing has it's own Sacred Indian Site.  It was amazing to see, and if I had known about it before stumbling upon it, I would have totally brought a gift.


I'm so proud of Bender Oak. He's so wise.  As you can tell from the above photo, we didn't go all up in the Indian Grave area.  Bender got a "vibe" and just stood back, then sat down and looked at the Sacred Ground. He sat in front of the Indian grave site plaque on this weird circle near the entrance, and stared at the sacred ground from the East. I tried to bring both the dogs near it, but Bender Oak is  old fashion in paying his respects to the dead.  It's amazing that he can pick up on stuff like this.

We had a great time, and we'll have to go back once I get more familiar with my camera.  I really wanna see some wildlife, and First Landing is my closest State Park to do that!

Thanks for reading!

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