Saturday, November 3, 2012

Product Review: Plush Puppie's Bottle Buddies!

**Sorry for the delay in posts, we've been cleaning up after "Sandy"(hence some of the water buckets and other weird items in this post). Luckily we're okay, and we hope everyone in the upper East Coast is okay too!**

Since introducing Pepper into our household, we've had a hard time with distributing the dog toys equally... In fact, we've already got a Dog Toy Graveyard, and our back yard definitely looks like a "boneyard" (lol)!

The Dog Toy "Mausoleum"
As you can see, we've only owned Pepper for a few months, and she's already destroyed her toys, and Bender's.  This is a bin full of toys, most of them waiting to be mended or re-stuffed, or have their squeakies repaired.  Pepper may weigh less than a Thanksgiving Turkey, but she's blown through all of the dog toys worse than a late season Hurricane.  I've tried to teach her to leave Bender's toys alone, but she hunts them down, and rips their squeakies out like an assasin!  As you can guess, Bender is quiet upset by this.  Squeaky toys are often treated with respect by Bender, and a squeaky toy usually lasts months with Bender.  Since all his toys have been trashed or nearly destroyed by Pepper, I decided he needed to try out the new Plush Puppies Bottle Buddy as his go-to comfort toy.  I was intrigured by this toy because it featured another one of Bender's favorites, a crunchy, crackling bottle, and a Squeaky! Since the Squeaky was towards the larger side, near the fuzzy parts, I figured it would last even longer!

The Bottle Buddy is made out of a very thick, luxurious material I can only describe as a mix between velour and shammy.  I think the thick characteristics of the fabric are awesome for larger retriever dogs like Bender.  It mimics some of the softer hide/fur/feather feeling a retriever would get from a duck or other critter.  Also, the fabrics woven composition lends itself well to larger teeth and a lighter jaw grip.

The bottom is a super tough velcro opening, resistant to most chewing.  It allows you to replace the bottle once it's been properly destroyed.


Bottle Buddy comes with complete instructions on a simple label.  The awesome thing: The  label turns into a little dog crown!

Bender and I were very interested in the toy! So, we gave it a shot:

As you can see, Bender was very intrigued by Bottle Buddy:


At first he thought he had another stuffed animal to drag around, but then... he chomped down and heard a crunch! He was delightfully surprised, and instantly wanted to take it outside.... So, I went outside, and....Well, here's the rest:

And here's Princess Pepper lauding over her new victim:

Oh well, I guess I need to go buy another Bottle Buddy for Bender!

If you're like Pepper, and wanna get your paws on the hottest Squeaky-Crunchy toy this Holiday Season, check out Bottle Buddie's on their website by clicking HERE.

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  1. So glad you guys are okay from Sandy! Pepper and Bender are adorable! Those cruncher bottles are so much fun for the doggies:)

  2. I have one dog who never plays with toys can you imagine


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