Monday, November 5, 2012

The Crafty Aftermath: Creativity in the Storm

I've been in a blogging and crafting slump lately, and it's started to show (on my blog).

This is how lucky we were during the FrankenStorm
 But a week ago, when the threat of Hurricane Sandy started to dominate the news, I was filled with an odd urge to craft and make and do.... I don't know how to explain it, but I just seemed to find time in my crazy schedule to start crafting again!

I took the crafty bull by the horns, and busted out several projects.  One minute I'm crocheting, the next, stitching, and then suddenly, I'm embroidering or doing something else.

I broke out my sewing needle, and mended missing buttons from quite a few shirts and one pair of the CheapGeek's work pants.  Then I kept right on stitching and came up with this:

It's going to be a two-sided wrist cuff, with a secret message on the inside.  I've been trying to improve my embroidery skills, but there isn't much out there to inspire me other than my own imagination. I've gotten a lot done on it so far, and I'm about to stitch it together, but I think I want to put another piece of fabric in it to give it some bulk and make it a hefty wrist cuff.  I'm also not sure if I'm done adding stuff to it, lol!  There's a lot of beautifully detailed cuffs out there, and I'd like mine to be just as detailed, even though I'm new to embroidery!

I've had "Start-itis" lately with my knitting and crochet.  Part of it has been because I haven't really been in love with whatever i'm kniting/crocheting, or the project I take on is just too monumental.

To get me past that, I decided to work on a pattern that I already knew well, and would give me some instant gratification!

It was so awesome being able to get a project done in less than one night.  All I need is some cute gift wrapping, and these Fortune cookie Amigurumi toys will be an instant gift for any of my friends that own cats or a small puppy! These Fortune Cookies are an awesome free pattern from Lionbrand Yarn's website.  Click here to get a super quick and super cute pattern for FREE!

The Frankenstorm has brought one thing I really, really do not like: that stiff, dry, biting COLD weather that makes it impossible to wake up in the mornings.  Last year was typical to the East Coast: wet, mildly cold, with lots of storms and the occasional blustery day.  This entire week has been nothing but cold that sinks into your bones, and terrible sharp wind that bring the cold from your bones to your soul.

I started on an oversized Scarf/Shawl a couple weeks ago, and promptly put it down after only two rounds.  

This week, I picked it up, and managed to complete 18 repeats on one side of the shawl, and I'm on the 4 repeat of the second side! Check it out:

This is another Lionbrand pattern: the Sweet Scallops shawl.  There's quite a few modifications I've made to it, but nothing major that would make it an impossibly difficult project. The two great things about this project: I'm using yarn I recycled from an Angora/Cotton/Wool blend luxury sweater AND I might have enough for a hat or mittens!

I hope to have this shawl done by Monday (I'm writing this on Sunday, lol)!  Once it's complete, I'll be sure to share pics!

I've also gotten back into recycling fine yarns from luxury sweaters.  This weekend, I managed to repurpose a slightly dated, but stilly pretty pink sweater into several skeins of Luxury 100% Cashmere yarn!

There's a little over 2000 yards of Cashmere yarn here, which is awesome!  I'm listing this yarn at a very, very attractive price for any knitter/crocheter, as I'm eager for people to start using Recycled and Reclaimed yarns.  Check out more of my yarns HERE.

  And after all these creative endeavors, I'm slowly running out of steam!  I've managed to list most of my Recycled Luxury Yarns in my Etsy Shop, but I've got a lot more to go!

Thanks for reading!

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