Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stamp Carving 101 Part 1: A long Introduction to Stamp Carving supplies

I'm finally taking the time to develop a stamp carving video tutorial.

I receive so many compliments regarding stamp carving, and requests to show people how or to make something for people.  Well, I figured making a video would be the easiest thing.  Plus, I hope to inspire others to take on this really cool hobby!

But what started out as a quick venture to develop a short video has turned into a monumental effort!  I realized I had so much to teach people, I would need to break it up into several parts.

Here's the first part.

It's basically a break down of almost all the items you need to carve your first stamp and start stamping!

I plan to have the next part of the tutorial up soon.  I think there are going to be three parts.  This one, then one showing the actual stamp carving, and then a third which will be "tips from a pro" (not that I'm calling myself a pro at all!).

I hope ya'll like it!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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