Monday, January 14, 2013

OutDoor Dog Product Review: Kyjen Outward Hound Legs Out Front Carrier!

One of the many frustrating things about hiking or walking two differently sized dogs is that they always want to go two different directions.  Now, if the dogs are the same size, this can easily be fixed with a Martingale and some mild training.  But if you have two different dogs, like I do, it gets to be a real headache!

I haven't been in the serious outdoors for the past week, since it's Winter and the weather has been mostly wet.  When it's wet and cold, my new smaller dog Pepper doesn't need to be eyeball high in the wet cold wilderness. 

The solution to both these problems?  The Kyjen Outward Hound Legs Out Front Carrier!  We got the  Outward Hound Legs Out Front Carrier in Medium, and in blue (because we just HAVE to match Bender Oak).

This little carrier is a brilliant idea.  There's a stash pocket on the bottom to store your keys, poopie bags, and more.  I even crammed a flat point and shoot camera and a couple of dollars in there!

There's multiple adjustable straps, including over-shoulder straps, and a waist strap. 

As you can see, there's even side straps to secure your pup closer to you, or to make sure they stay tucked in properly!

I had a bit of hard time with the Shoulder straps, but I think that's due to my frame.  The shoulder straps actually cross in the front, and then wrap around.  However, this does add quite a bit of time to setting yourself and your on-the-go dog up in the carrier.  Also, in case of emergencies, it can be cumbersome to take off.  But just in case, the release buckles are in a very convenient location, so you can pop them off in no time!

Pepper wasn't really into getting into the carrier at first, but with some patience, and gentle coaxing, I think things went well:

 This is a very sturdy, well made carrier.  Since we're still working on Pepper (she is a rescue and we have no idea what terrible or weird life she may have had before us), we had to be really careful with the carrier.  When we started to introduce her to it, and she resisted, we didn't for her or her little legs, which might have sprained or gotten injured against the rugged construction of the carrier!  I highly recommend this carrier, but please, be patient and be gentle.

There's three awesome openings in the bottom for your dogs hind legs and tail!  However, Pepper wasn't being the best sport during our review, and constantly fidgeted.  After closer examination, it appears she's got long "grasshopper" shaped legs, and one of her legs chaffs a tiny bit in the hole.  I've checked the carrier, and both holes are even, I've just got a mutt dog with funny legs!  I tried this carrier with my friends puppy, who has shorter legs, and they fit in just fine.

I was very worried that the sitting position would be uncomfortable for Pepper, but it's not!  It's kinda like your momma dog picking up her puppies.  See the soothed Pepper below:

Our little walk was great.  I had my little dog in my sights at all times, and I got to bond with her since she was so close to me.  We toured the backyard and the neighborhood, and instead of her nose in the mud or sniffing away at something odd, I got to point out all the things I found interesting!

All in all, we think this is a great carrier.  I'm still working with Pepper to get her to like it more, but I'm definitely optimistic!

The  Kyjen Outward Hound Legs Out Front Carrier, great for busy dog owners that want their dog to have front-row seats to all their adventures together!  We love it for just walking around, and adventuring.

Works great on daily walks, long treks, or keeping your smaller dog close in special situations, like Hula Hooping:

Just Joking!

Thanks for reading!

Pick up your own Kyjen Outward Hound Legs Out Front Carrier at the Outward Hound website!

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