Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY Day: Make your own Body Scrub and Sugar Scrub for lips!

Here it is.... My modified super-easy recipe and video on crafting your own Body Scrub (and lip scrub) using some very basic every day ingredients found in most crafty or organic kitchens!

The best thing about this recipe is you DON'T have to go out and buy anything special.  If it comes down to it, everyone has a spare jar laying around (probably the hardest item in the recipe) and if you're crafty like me, you probably already have an essential oils kit (that's running low, lol) and many of the food-grade ingredients in your stash.

Basic Ingredients List:

2 parts brown sugar or turbinado sugar (I used turbinado sugar and a tiny bit of brown sugar for the lip scrub)
1 part Almond Oil or Coconut Oil
1/2 TSP of Vitamin E Oil -You don't have to go out and buy it, you can use a few Vitamin E Oil capsules!

What's super surprising about this recipe is that unlike several DIY and Home-made beauty products, the resulting lip scrub is nearly identical to my fancy store-bought one (check out the price in that link!), minus the lighter color (Hrmmm, I used real turbinado sugar and real extracts, makes ya think) and fancy cute black packaging.

If you don't have all the ingredients and don't feel like driving all over town for them, here they are on Amazon, as well as a few other common Bath DIY ingredients: