Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Make an (Endless) Turk's Head Bracelet by TIAT

When I was younger, everyone used to make Friendship bracelets in Middle School/Junior high school... I have to admit, it took longer for me to catch onto the trend than everyone else. Once I did though, I was at the craft store EVERY week getting new and unique colors that set me apart from my other friends.

Now, as an adult, cloth/string/cord bracelets are back in style, but using old, skilled techniques to create beautifully intricate knots, ties, and seemingly endless designs.

I tried researching on Youtube "Endless Knot Sailor's bracelet" ...While I'm not saying this is the BEST video for you to learn this type of bracelet, it's one of the few without screaming kids, text messages, or weird interruptions. Just try to bear with the weird, quiet, dramatic music in the background.

I'm going to sit here and stare at this video for another two days. Either I'll get it, or I'll give up, :(