Friday, September 12, 2014

How To Teaser: DIY versions of your favorite Lip and Sugar Scrubs!

So my favorite lip scrub is from a company called Lush Cosmetics, and is called "Mint Julips"... Well, that stuff is +$10 (Shipping too, if you don't have a Lush near you).

So I decided to try and make my own!  Try this recipe yourself, and be sure to stay tuned later on this week, and I'll show you exactly how I made mine just using the following ingredients!

Basic Ingredients List:

2 parts brown sugar or turbinado sugar (I used turbinado sugar and a tiny bit of brown sugar for the lip scrub)
1 part Almond Oil or Coconut Oil
1/2 TSP of Vitamin E Oil -You don't have to go out and buy it, you can use a few Vitamin E Oil capsules!

What's super surprising about this recipe is that unlike several DIY and Home-made beauty products, the resulting lip scrub is nearly identical to my fancy store-bought one.... Minus the lighter color (Hrmmm, I used real turbinado sugar and real extracts, makes ya think) and fancy cute black packaging.

Watch the video below for a sneak preview and the ingredients list!

Don't want to hunt all over town for the ingredients this weekend?  Here they are on Amazon, as well as a few other common Bath DIY ingredients: