Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Geocaching Diary: October, 2014

So, prior to being stuck indoors for almost a full week, I took the dogs out Geocaching.  Well, let me back up... I took the dogs out to an area where we could walk a long distance uninterrupted... with a little bit of Geocaching.

Since it's hard to take them for a good long walk or hike where I live, we usually have to drive way out to the swamp (one of the only places I know that's not a total Beotch to get too) to get a good walk in.  It's a bit frustrating.  It's also to the point where I can only do one "type" of adventure at a time.  I've decided I'm going to keep on with the photography and hiking while having the dogs with me, but fitting in Munzee, Geocaching, and Letterboxing is started to be more of an aggravation than it's worth.  Maybe separate outings for each.  One day Geocaching, the next Munzee, the next letterboxing.

There are some places around here that are "okay" for walking, maybe even with one small dog. But two, nope, not really.

Anyways, what cut this adventure short was a very tired Pepper. We're going to have to get her on supplements again for her tiny little chihuahua joints.  That, and we kept hearing something creepy rustling in the briars....

Hopefully if the weather settles down, we can go to NorthWest River park.