Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thrift Shop Thursdays: New Dockers, Fancy Luggage?

Definitely supposed to be minimizing the things I own over the next couple months, but I still find myself going to the thrift shop FIRST whenever we might need something important.  This week, it was work clothes and luggage!

I've had TERRIBLE experience with luggage, to the point of airlines destroying my luggage and me carrying half my crap out of the airport in trashbags :( ... While I hate investing in new luggage, my bags from all my trips this year are already falling apart!

I'm glad we picked up some new work pants.  CheapGeek lost ALOT of weight for several months, and needs some clothes.  But now we have the arduous task of sorting thru all the "fat clothes" and finding those new homes or tossing them out.