Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Home Repairs?!?!?!

A totally different WIP Wednesday! Home Repairs!!!

I had an old school coffee and espresso maker underneath the cabinets in my kitchen for almost a year.  After a year, the paint started to flake a bit.  In a month, a crack, peeling, and chipping started to occur.  Dumb ME!  Totally ruined about half my kitchen wall, and now I have to repair it :( ... I've got quite a lot of sanding, spackling, more sanding and painting to do!

The frugal lesson learned? Yes, it's cheaper to make your own espresso at home, but place your INDUSTRIAL Espresso maker (frugally purchased used from a restaurant) in an open area.  :(  --otherwise you're money-savings will all go towards fixing your house!