Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dog Gear: Reviewing the IDC Power Harness by Julius K9

We've gone to the dogs over the next few weeks with Pet Gear reviews, handmade gifts for your pets, and some cool tips/tutorials for your furry BFF!  First up is a review of the Julius K9 IDC power harness!

I'm really, really amazed Pepper stayed still for a whole 7 minutes.  I guess she understands how important Youtube is to me, :)

We have been using our new Julius K9 IDC Powerharness for about a month now.  Overall, we like it, so we decided to do a review on it.

There are some drawbacks to it, so that's why we have a few more harness to review.  

The Julius K9 company website is:

The IDC Powerharness can get pricey, especially if you have a larger dog.  Pepper's harness was $34.95 USD (purchased on eBay through Julius' K9's official eBay store).  If you own a larger dog, expect the MSRP to be in the $50-70 range.  More if you buy from a brick n' mortar retailer.  This is a drawback for some pet owners.  It looks like this harness may only be available through specialty retailers, or online.

One of the things I don't like about the harness, and it may be due to the IDC sizing, it's slipped off.  Twice now.  Lucky for me, Pepper didn't immediately notice, so I was able to get it back on her immediately.

We'll be reviewing a few more harnesses over the next couple weeks.  We really excited to share some of our pet gear with our buddies out there!