Saturday, January 10, 2015

EzyDog Chestplate Harness & Vario-6 Leash Review: by Pepper!


So, if you've been keeping up with things, you know we've been looking for a better, rugged dog harness for Pepper.

She's the littlest of our pack, and she's also quite the adventurer.  But as a tiny wanderer, she faces quite a few more challenges than we do:

1.  Protection - Smaller size means she's affected by any size thorns, brambles, mud puddles.
2.  Warmth - Ooh, baby, it's cold outside!
3.   Maintaining quick control - Pepper thinks she's the "tough guy" of the group, and often that means she's quick to lunge at all the "scary" things we find on the trail -an evil squirrel, that menacing dead bird, a threatening goose...We need to remind her we need to enjoy the hike, not going after things.

If you've watched our earlier videos, you've seen us review many products for Bender, and now Pepper.  You can see that playlist HERE.

Well, we think we finally found a set of products we like, and they're made by EzyDog!

We've been looking at the Ezydog brand for a few months now, and finally picked up a super cute ( i.e. "pink") harness for little Pepper.  Ezydog are the original creators of the Original Shock Absorbing leash (great for joggers, bikers, skaters).  Most of their gear has roots in the water sport industry!  After contacting Ezydog with questions about doing a review on their harness, they sent us a Vario-6 leash to accompany our review.  Much appreciated, Ezydog!

This is our honest, unbiased opinions and reviews of the Ezydog Chestplate harness and Vario-6 lite leash!

What's one of the best parts of wearing the Ezydog Chestplate harness?  We can keep Pepper warm!!!

This is a very chilly day a couple weeks ago.  We all had cabin fever, even little Pepper.  But at 28 degrees, you really gotta bundle up your tiny dog!  Here's she's wearing a Christmas Sweater and her outdoor coat, all on top of her EzyDog harness!  And completely comfortable!  She's even balancing on a log to get to a geocache!  Unlike me, she's not going to let layers get in the way of hiking!  Thanks Ezydog!

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