Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thrift Shop Thursday: Craft Supplies

So, I got inspired by several pinterest and crafty blog ideas...Enough to dip into the world of leather crafting.  Primarily, making my own bracelets out of old leather belts!

Leather is an expensive medium, and so are the tools.  After spending most of my money on a big Amazon order for basic supplies (more on that later, like "rant time" later), I only had a few bucks to spend on leather supplies.

If you're planning to dip into a craft or project you wouldn't normally do, try the thrift shop.  Yes, coupons at the craft store help, but you'd be surprised at what you can find at the thrift shop.

I scored more leather for $10 than I did on a $6.99 bag of leather remnants from Michaels Arts n' Crafts.

Here's the total haul:

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