Saturday, August 29, 2015

My little roadtrip: Roswell, New Mexico & International UFO Museum

I took a trip to Roswell, New Mexico a couple weeks ago, and managed to get some footage of the International UFO Museum.

Some people call it hooky, but I rather like it.  If you've got a whole afternoon, you can actually read some really interesting stuff, and discover/learn quite a few things there.

I really wanted to do one of my "One Minute Of" videos, but even on a weekday, that place gets a little crowded, and a little annoying (to me).  The museum is quite spacious, and there should be room for every INTELLIGENT person to walk around and get a few clever photos in.  But people kept getting in my way.  While I did get one video, this is one of FOUR I tried to do with the least amount of rudeness/tourists.