Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How NOT to Make Money Online: Amazon Mechanical Turk?


I've been working for Amazon Mechanical Turk for a little over a month now.  And, I've definitely got mixed feelings for it.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is basically a work-from-home thing where you complete tasks that can't be performed (just yet) by computers.

Stuff like translating receipts from European stores, Medical Transcription for hand-written records, and research studies that college kids normally participate it.

If you do research, you find out that MOST of the jobs are very low paying, until you've established yourself.  This usually means completing at LEAST 1,000 jobs.

So Far, I've completed just under 500.  I've still got a long ways to go, and it's pretty disheartening.

Amazon has the whole thing set up really well, you have a "Dashboard" that shows your earnings, completed tasks, approved tasks, and how much you did each day (for up to 30-90 days).

But the pay, man the pay is terrible.

Everyone says once you get over 1000, you get higher paying jobs, and that Amazon Turk is a "better" way to bypass some of those crowd-sourced jobs that require TONS of testing and application reviews processes before you get approved.  I hope so, because this is starting to NOT BE WORTH IT.

My biggest worry is that when I'm traveling on the road, I'll have limited sources of income, and I need something that at least brings in minimum wage.  Since I can't claim unemployment, and I don't want to claim disability, there HAS TO BE other ways to earn money online.