Monday, October 26, 2015

Corporate Outing: The 4 Hour Tour!

You may have heard it before on the Turquoise and Beef Jerky Podcast, but sometimes we're expected to go on corporate outings with CheapGeek1's coworkers.  As he puts it, "forced fun"...

I am not impressed by your extra-curricular activities
But luckily, we had the opportunity to hang out with some of our favorite Camera peeps!  The dogs got to go to, so it was guaranteed to not be a miserable experience...Okay, it was guaranteed to be a mildly amusing experience.  Not everyone in the group knew we were going to bring the dogs, but I'm glad my personable pups made up for the surprise!

I've found that folks claiming to be "not dog people" are either in two groups: Allergic, or "I just haven't found the right dog." Well, I've got a big, lovable pup, and a small, charismatic one.  If you can't spend 4 hours touring the beauty of New Mexico with two photogenic critters, get out of my Campervan!  All joking aside, I just think dogs and road trips are a good way to break the tension that often builds up in the corporate environment.

Fortunately, most people spend time with us on our outings and end up asking pet ownership advice later on in the week.  Like this weekend.  I'm pretty sure pretty little Pepper Willow charmed her way into the hearts of at least two photogs!  I'm pretty sure that 30% of the photos taken this weekend were Pepper or Bender Oak in front of the El Malpais Bluffs, various waterfalls, or just plain ol' trees.  They're just such camera-ready furry fools.


The trips we take CheapGeek1's coworkers on are a our way of helping our East-Coast friends decompress from the stress of relocating and working out here in New Mexico.  I think beautiful scenery, decent cameras, and cuddly companion animals are the perfect recipe for relaxation, don't you?

I mean, look at that?  Wouldn't you want to spend the afternoon next to a waterfall and an adorable Chi-Weenie?