Saturday, October 17, 2015

DIY Upcycled Leather Rose Barrette Tutorial!

I decided to share with everyone how I make my little leather rose barrettes.  It's really easy and I find it fun to design and shape each little petal, along with combining different decorative centers for each one.

This project does require a candle, and use of heavy tools, so if you're a kid, be sure to get your parents to help.

Supplies Needed:

Leather or Jewelry Glue
Leather Scraps (buy them in bags at craft stores, or find a cheap leather item at a thrift shop)
Decorative brads
Alligator clip

Optional: Leather Punch Tool

You end up with a super cute barrette like this:

I love making these because store-bought barrettes are limited in style/color, and I like really big flowers, with small clips (because of my fine/fragile hair).  Each of these barrettes has a soft leather strip I fixed over the top of the barrette, which greatly reduces snags (owie)!  Plus, I can make a matching pin to wear on my jackets that matches my barrettes!

And if you don't feel like/want to/have all the tool to make your own, you can always pick one up in my Etsy shop!