Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Geocaching - Caching in a Cemetery!

Wanted to get some Geocaching in this week, and also wanted to do something spooky! So I combined both into a lovely day-trek through Albuquerque to the whimsical, historic San Carlos Cemetery.  Just off a major highway, this is an ultra spooky graveyard filled with unusual graves, and a geocache! Also, it's filled with sand burs, so really a bit of a pain.

Even though I ended up carrying Pepper approximately 3.19 miles back to my truck, I was REALLY glad I had such a portable action camera with me.  It made the typical fumbling with dogs-gear-geocaches a lot less difficult.

Plus, I like the fish-eye type view it gives :)

My Vixia is a pretty handy little camera, and for the quality it produces, not too shabby on the price!