Friday, October 23, 2015

I JUST Published a Crafts Book on Amazon Kindle!


After months of trepidation, nerves, and fear of failure, I published my first eBook!  My book is: "The Crafty Guide to Getting Great Yarns for Cheap! How to score quality, purposeful yarns without breaking your crafting budget"

Most of my worries were actually washed away quickly as soon as I stepped into the waters of self-publishing.  

There were some initial headaches: budget, software incompatibility, and wading through the immense ocean of web information on "How to Publish"...

-And that's where I have my experience as a medical researched to be grateful for.  See, one of my first "office" jobs was a researcher, both print and web.  Since I was the "only person younger than computers" in the office, the task of wrestling that giant, scary "white-box-of-technology" was my job, lol. I quickly learned how to fish out information relevant to my job responsibilities, using search terms similar to the filing systems used by doctors, medical professionals, and researchers way smarter than me.

I continue to use that same method of research in my daily life.  And that translated into a key point emphasized in my new book "The Crafty Guide to Getting Great Yarns for Cheap!"

Not only did I put my research skills to work with the contents of this book, but I also had to use them to ACTUALLY make this book.  Did you know some eBook softwares/websites charge upwards of $49.99 per book?!?!  If I had that kind of money, I wouldn't be publishing a book, much less writing about "cheap" ways to get good yarn!  The more research I did, the less freaked out I was...To the point where I'm considering writing another eBook just on how to publish a Kindle book for $0.  Yup.  Well, minus the WiFi, and electricity and a warm Hazelnut latte.

Cheapskate, Tightwad, Miser....I'm frugal, there's no way around it.  I'm also creative, and dying to try out all the new crafts, hobbies, and things that haven't even made their way to your Pinterest board.  So the balance between both of those is a hard one.  My latest foray into publishing helps all my crafty sista's (and bros, dude) find their way in the crafty world without breaking their budget. 

Basic tips, online resources, and ways to get into the "frugal shopper" mentality are the primary content for my book.  I hope some of you appreciate these budget-conscious characteristics, and explore my book on Amazon.

I'd love some feedback too!

Check out my book here:

And here's some other crafty books I LOVE.  It's kinda amazing that my little Kindle endeavor has lead to my book being on the same "digital shelves" as these!