Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nerdy Folks Unite! The Fanny Pack is a GO!

So, while rushing to get ready today, I heard a few "key words" on the background noise (TV) that stopped me in my tracks.  Those keywords were "90's" and "back in style"...

Hold up, what?

-Clearly this chick born in 1981 needs to pay attention to whatever's on the big ol' TV box.

The show was FabLife.  I have NO IDEA what a "Fab Life" is, but apparently it has Tyra Banks on it.  Ok, sure, whatev's.... Today she had Stylist Joe Zee on to talk about a 90's trend coming back in full swing, and of course, fully supported by the celebs most people drool over.

Well, that trend is FANNY PACKS.  And I'm not talking the thing you stored your inhaler and wintergreen lifesavers in.  What?  You didn't put lifesavers in yours?  Weirdo.... I bet you put like sour patch kids and Marvel trading cards in yours...

Anyhow, these new bags are just "so happy" and "so fun"...I mean, look at these hipsters:

Click here to be just as happy as these hipsters:

Yeah, not too impressed.  Everyone knows me, and knows I can't make up my mind between hipster, outdoor wild woman, or old-school sci-fi geek.  But hey, they have a bag for that!  Seriously, doesn't this look like something straight out of "Firefly"????

So yeah, I kinda want one, especially because they're "cool" now and I won't worry about dangling from a locker by the belt of one.  Because I'm an adult, and there are no middle-school lockers anywhere near me.

It's kinda cool that all of these are on Amazon for a pretty decent price, and as the Stylist pointed out, you don't have to pay $240 for them like some of these celebrities are doing.  Since I like the "tactical" and rugged outdoorsy style, I found a bunch of them that would totally work.  I also found one that I could actually wear while running!