Monday, October 26, 2015

The fine line between gullible and desperate: SpellCheck

So, a friend mentioned you could find very interesting part-time work on Craiglist.  Low-stress, "easy money" and the work would be mostly part-time or as-needed.

So I took a look, and jeez, it's bad.

Check this out:

Ok, I've got over 6 years of experience in Social Media, with 5 of those being "corporate" experience.  Let's go ahead and click on the link:

I seriously, #canteven.  Even if this website had been created outside the United States, and didn't use the cheapest image off Shutterstock for "Boss Image. JPEG" -they could have at least used wording to make it seem more legit.  The more you dig through the site, you start to discover spelling errors, random English words strewn together in the wrong order.  It makes me wonder if anyone has actually clicked on this stuff and signed up. 

Also, from the job description, it sounds like you're pretty much taking part in black-listing websites by hammering them to "fake" activity.

Ugh...Off to find work, somehow.  What leads do you use to find temporary work online?