Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Amazon Mechanical Turk Update: 2 hours a day...

So, I've only been letting myself work on Mechanical Turk tasks about 2 hours a day, according to a schedule I've figured out for myself on when the "best" Mechanical Turk Hits are available.

Today and Yesterday were hard because I missed my "window" -that means by the time I got to sit down and work on Mechanical Turk, most of the good stuff was gone.

One of the biggest problems I have with Mechanical Turk is the turn-around time for pay.  And it's usually the Hit Tasks that pay the most that take the longest to approve.  All those items in the "pending" category are simple tasks (less than 10 minutes) that paid $1.00.  Still waiting on most of them.  If I showed you everything from the past two weeks, you'd see I've actually got some measly $0.50 tasks still pending.  Sigh...

But basically, I'm trying to work up to earning at least $5.00 an hour.  I figure if I can get up to $5.00 an hour, then i can actually put money towards some bills that desperately need to get paid.

If I plan to do this on the road, long-term, I need to make AT LEAST $5.00 to offset expenses like internet/wifi while traveling.

Sadly, I don't think I could type any faster :(

-It's either this, or keep trying to make the handmade business (my etsy shop) work.  Sadly, my sales are too sporadic at the moment to depend on that.

I do think if I put up a couple promo codes (discounts) in my Etsy shop, I'll get some sales for Black Friday/Holidays.  Here's to crossing fingers and positive thinking.