Thursday, November 26, 2015

#BoycottBlackFriday -Get out of the mall and into a Bumper Car

The "Boycott Black Friday" movement has gained momentum over the past four years, and this year is no exception.  #ShopSmall, designed to drive consumers towards small business and independent retailers also promotes the idea that we don't have to battle terrible traffic, terrible people, or grandmas fighting each other over game consoles.  Recently, REI initiated their #OptOutside campaign, stating all their employees will have Black Friday off, and will all be outdoors enjoying themselves.

And that is AWESOME.  I hope to get away from the city traffic, and take the dogs someplace cool so they can enjoy the wilderness.

But I'm not going to stop there.  The whole 24 hour period of Black Friday is HELL.  I remember driving up to a Target one year near closing time, just so I could run in for a soda and some snack for a movie night.  Some woman wasn't paying attention and ran into my car.  She was too busy concentrating on "the best parking spot" and other shopping nonsense to see A Full SIZE SEDAN behind her.  The day was almost over and this woman's compulsive "gotta go shopping and get deals" mindset endangered me, her passenger, and others.  Nope.  Not Cool.

So this year, while everyone is at the mall, or on the news because there's a helicopter flying over a Walmart riot, I'm gonna be outside....and then my friends have hooked up a big, secret, more-hipster-than-you, underground event!

I hate Black Friday.  I hate it in stores, online, and even when I'm not participating in Black Friday, it indirectly affects me (accident described earlier).  This year, the only smashing that's taking place in my life will be the friendly, yet competitive crushing of bumper cars.  If you can hear any of it over my insane giggling and obscenely competitive bumper car threats!

Who knows, there might be a few other "famous" Youtubers out there.