Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Poppy Painting -A Story and a Creation...

I just listed this bracelet on Etsy, and it actually comes with a pretty cool story.

All the items I've been putting up in the Etsy shop come with a story, or are inspired by my travels across the United States.

This bracelet was actually inspired by a dust-covered painting hanging on the wall of a tiny cafe just outside Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I'd been traveling through and needed to stop, stretch my legs, grab some coffee and water the dogs...  There are parts of Fort Smith that seem trapped in time, and this was one of those places.  Dusty, nearly abandoned, even the humans that occupied the "space" that was the cafe.  You got the feeling that once you got your food or coffee and drove off, time froze, until the next traveller passed through the town.

Fast forward a couple months later, and I acquired a medley of random charms, beads, and other treasures from a jewelry peddler in a tiny town outside Albuquerque!  The focal charm in the middle of this bracelet is very close to the painting I saw in Fort Smith!

This is a Natural Leather bracelet with a brass "picture" style charm in the middle.  The charm appears to be resin over an image of red poppies.  Very adorable, in a retro-romantic sort of way.

I've slowly started to list more and more items in the shop, but it's hard to balance a crafty life with real life, lol!  It's truly my passion to create treasures inspired by my travels, but it's also important to be a grown up!

BTW, here's a few of my recent creations inspired by my most recent adventures!

Both are available on Etsy, and here's a mini update of the items now available in my Etsy Shop!