Monday, December 28, 2015

Oh baby it's cold outside.

All my friends back home in sunny, seaside Virginia have been posting about their 80 degree Christmas weather.

It's cold, icy, and weird outside....Everybody here in New Mexico is in a weird mood, and I think me and my big dog Bender are the only ones with cabin fever.

The dogs suffering cabin fever and being little turds, fighting in the snow.

We couldn't go anywhere today, so we went for a short hike in the hills north of Rio Rancho.

You sure you wanna go for a walk?  It's kinda late, Bender said with a look. 

We headed up towards the hills, and as we started climbing up, the snow started again.  Bender was excited, but not tiny dog Pepper.

The tiny Snow Queen and her tiny Tiara.
We finally got to the top of one of the highest hills in the area.


Bender was very on-guard as we approached this area.  We spotted coyotes earlier in the year in these hills, maybe he saw something up here today.

Anyways, the hill gives us a good look at the surrounding area.  This is what you see when you get to the top:

Pretty amazing, eh?  I hope to get some better photos soon, but honestly, it's hard to take good photos when you have shaking, cold hands and two dog leashes.