Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trying to get Stitcher to work and recognize stuff.

I have been STRUGGLING to get stuff going on the Turquoise and Beef Jerky Roadshow Podcast but it's been a royal pain since the start.

When I first set everything up, SquareSpace had me under the impression that everything was automated, like my feeds and podcast were automatically accepted by iTunes and major RSS feed locations.

Instead it's been constant headaches that seriously stress me out. I paid good money for half this crap, so why isn't it working?  At one point Stitcher gave me a response of "Well, you paid good money for the wrong thing, you should have paid MORE".  W.T.H.  Sorry, a #basic customer service agent really has no right to say that to anyone.  You're a secondary service, and this really isn't the way to get potential podcasters to "pay" you for anything.

So, every month I'd "google" different podcast submission portals and sign my podcast up for different sites.  Either getting errors or going through okay.  Always hearing from SquareSpace about "no known" reported issues, but still being UNABLE to break thru to critical markets, like Stitcher.

Well, just for shiz and giggles this morning, I submitted to Stitcher......And it WENT THROUGH!

So.... I think I'm up and running on Stitcher now? After a FREAKING YEAR. Actually, I don't know...Can you guys see anything like a podcast player in the post below? If "Yes" congrats. If "No", well then you are running into the same issue I have on one laptop, and one mobile device, but not on the other laptop.

So even though I could have been earning THOUSANDS OF PENNIES from Podcast, but Stitcher and SquareSpace prevented me from doing so...

I really do feel ripped off for this whole year.  Apparently this was a problem either on Stitcher's end, or an ongoing issue with SquareSpace.  I'm leaning towards them both taking the blame, as all the podcast groups on Reddit and Facebook indicate Podcasters of a MORE NOTABLE Nature on SquareSpace doing JUST FINE (Fame takes you everywhere) but multiple new/middle ground podcasters on SquareSpace not being able to submit to Podcast Portals.  When I'd have in-person conversations with fellow podcasters, most of them were not fond of Stitcher's submission process, but never went into detail why.  Of course, the first few steps of that process are also where I ran into problems.