Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fresh Foto from #Instagram

via Instagram #keepinstagramchronological -So, thanks to #Instagram, many people don't even know about this campaign. Instagram wants to apply the same "bots" (algorithms) as Facebook. You will no longer see EVERYTHING in chronological order, you will see popular accounts first, then popular posts, then "everybody else". If you think about it, this will make it harder for aspiring artists to make their place in the digital world, and the famous keep staying famous. Take part in #keepinstagramthisway, use the hashtags in this post. It means a lot to the next aspiring #instagramers star. Thanks to @oneal32011 for the #inspiration and all the insta-friends I've made over the past couple years. #instagramsilence #boycottinstagramalgorithms @ignewmexico #dukecityigers @instagram @theordinaryhiker