Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Coyotes at night, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

We don't go for evening walks much, especially after me and Pepper were attacked by a pitbull last summer. But as we got settled in, we've found New Mexico to be full of eerie surprises.

These Coyotes are out almost every night, and Greg usually says "hey, hurry up you can hear them" but by the time I get out there the cacophony has subsided into irregular howls.

Well, not last night. Last night they were really at it.  Believe it or not, these Coyotes had already been howling for a good four or five minutes before I grabbed my phone from my bed and went back outside.

This stuff is spooky, and this is definitly why TinyDog Pepper doesn't go out at night unsupervised.